What is CannaLnx?

CannaLnx is the leading digital health platform linking the world of cannabis medicine—we’re digitizing the “recommendation” / “certification” process and the medical-cannabis supply chain.

Patients are at the center of CannaLnx’s service equation and derive the most value from participating in the CannaLnx Platform, its networks and programs. Medical-cannabis patients succeed in solving or remedying their medical and wellness issues by ensuring their medical-cannabis use is purposeful, informed, safe, and effective. Their connections to and ability to leverage qualified physicians and dispensaries are key to successful medical outcomes.

The Platform

We provide a community for medical-cannabis patients and others that offers secure communication with doctors and dispensaries and provides doctors visibility into the composition of products used to treat their patients and the impact of cannabis use on patient conditions.

The HIPAA-compliant CannaLnx Platform supports patient engagement beginning at finding a qualified physician knowledgeable in specialized medical-cannabis fields, and dispensaries providing quality cannabis pharma products. CannaLnx leverages its AI platform to identify patients qualified for cannabis treatment, providing patients and doctors with information to finely “tune” the medical-cannabis usage path and identify potential problems before they arise. The Platform engages patients, families, and recommending physicians in the collective goal of identifying and sourcing the most effective combination of medical-cannabis pharma resources.

The CannaLnx cloud-based SaaS platform standardizes, informs, streamlines and simplifies medical-cannabis-related processes, information management/access, and transactions. It’s a central repository and connector for all the information industry participants—especially patients—need. It’s an easy-to-use system that informs medical-cannabis patient certification and dispensary- and grower-related processes—an information and transaction bridge between physician, patients, dispensaries, growers, processors, test labs.

Taking an end-to-end approach to the medical-cannabis industry, CannaLnx is a secure registry/tracking tool for use by medical-cannabis recommending/certifying medical professionals, dispensaries/pharmacies, patients, growers, processors, and test labs. It also supports state-mandated transaction reporting requirements and is a reliable data hub for the industry, regulators, and researchers. CannaLnx conveniently “links” patients to all industry participants.


CannaLnx is a comprehensive communication, transaction-processing, and reporting platform for all medical-cannabis program participants. Our focus is enabling and securing communication and information exchange among all program participants.

CannaLnx facilitates and acts as a central archive of the information doctors and patients need to wisely issue the qualified physician’s recommendation/certification and navigate medical-cannabis selection and fulfillment processes. It informs patient recommendation/certification issuance, and once a medical-cannabis patient has registered with his/her state, the CannaLnx platform supports fulfillment of recommended medical-cannabis products, and aids coordination of patient medical-record data for certifying doctors through integration with patient EMR, state patient registries, and dispensary point-of-sale (POS) systems.

By enhancing recommendation and fulfillment processes—and access to information essential to those processes—CannaLnx expects to lead 10M new medical-cannabis patients into and through the medical-cannabis industry by 2026, tracking relevant usage data to inform the path toward attaining a traditional pharma model of patient-centric care (EMR to cannabis POS, to patient outcome, and back to EMR).