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CannaLnx community members can now obtain individual, family, and small-business health insurance with a medical-cannabis benefit, including reimbursement.

Get health insurance for small businesses, individuals, and families (under age 65)

With individual, family, and small-business offerings just for you, you'll find great health insurance coverage with benefits designed with your unique needs in mind and focused on supporting your whole health and well-being—including a medical-cannabis benefit. Explore your options.

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A professional agent with Miller United will process your request and provide you with individual quotes and policy details.

All insurance products are provided by EMPLOYERS BUSINESS ALLIANCE HEALTHPLAN, LLC, a small group Association Health Plan working exclusively with licensed insurance professionals who operate under state insurance laws. All policies are medically underwritten and have conditions, limitations, and exclusions. Please read the policy to understand terms. Claim scenario circumstances vary in nature and similar claims do not guarantee coverage. This introduction is provided by CannaLnx strictly as a courtesy to our members. No financial remuneration or incentives are provided to CannaLnx.