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CannaLnx is here to help patients unlock the great promise of medical cannabis and attain wellness goals.

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Welcome to the Future of Cannabis Medicine

CannaLnx is central to broadening your options, empowering your doctors, and deepening your understanding of cannabis as medicine—with confidence and security.

  • Connect with proactive medical-cannabis doctors and specialized nurses who truly care about their patients and are dedicated to finding the right treatments to remedy patient conditions.

  • Access the quality dispensaries and medicine you need to successfully address your condition.

  • Confidentially complete the information loop between you, your doctors, your EMR, and dispensaries about your condition, remedies, usage history, and wellness to complete your medical record, and inform your purchases and doctor guidance.

  • Explore CannaXtions—the first-ever community forum devoted exclusively to medical-cannabis patients where you can meet and gain important insight from other patients healing with cannabis medicine around the world.

  • Take advantage of the ACCM/Elevated States Health Savings Program (save an additional 10% on all your cannabis purchases at our Network dispensaries).

  • Obtain individual, family, and small-business health insurance with a medical-cannabis reimbursement benefit (exclusively available to ACCM/Elevated States and CannaLnx community members).